I FIRST BOUGHT THE HANA Organic Essential Travel Kit a couple of months ago and I thought to myself ‘I’ll probably just like one or two products of this whole skincare line. I never like ALL the items in any skincare line.' Well I was wrong, I loved every single item that of course I ordered the whole set. The Renew Creme is the only thing I’ve used that soothes my dry patches as the weather gets colder. The toner is the only toner that is effective and smells good at the same time. I just got a sample of the luxe serum and I know I’ll like that too.
My skin and I thank you for making these wonderful and safe products!

-Victoria C, CA


I HAVE BEEN USING HANA Organic Skincare for a few years now, and I cannot imagine using anything else to care for my skin.
That is huge, considering I have always been into trying the latest and "new" products, always hoping for that smooth, clear skin.
And now I have it! No tiny bumps on my forehead, no dry patches in cold weather, just nice, nice skin.
I love the Gentle Cleanser and Renew. Lavender Grains makes for the best facial! Everything smells so good too!!
Thank you, thank you!!

-Barbara A, WA

I JUST WANTED to write and let you know how amazing your products are and give you my thoughts. My skin looks and feels better than ever before. I have used many products, including many drugstore brands to high-end moisturizers. Mostly they made my skin worse, were not affordable and as a result, I suffered from dry skin. Immediately after trying the Renew creme, my skin felt better. I am a 56-year old woman that used to be complimented on my skin all the time….but haven't for years! Within the first week or so of using Hana Organic Skincare, I have had multiple compliments on my skin and how beautiful it is!

-Amy C, Bainbridge Island, WA

I HAVE BEEN USING your creme on my face for a month now and I am very impressed. Not only has my face been free of flareups (my rosacea is usually bad in this wet/windy season), but I can use the creme around my dry eyelids without any stinging or itching. Thank you!!!

- Anne Lovejoy, WA

IT IS REASSURING to use products that are so pure and good for my skin. I use the Gentle Toner and Renew, and my skin looks healthy and moisturized all day!

-Barbara C, Bainbridge Island, WA

THE GRAINS are great as a scrub and a masque all in one product! I am 50 and have rosacea. Normally, I avoid abrasive products,but a friend’s recommendation prompted me to try the Lavender Grains. Wow! No irritation. Soft, hydrated, clean skin. To avoid a mess,I use a soft facial brush to apply.

-Sandy, Dallas, TX

I’VE TRIED everything and nothing has even come close to what this cleanser has done for my skin! This product is truly amazing and cleared up my face without all the harsh chemicals found in other skincare lines. Being 16, it’s always a struggle to find something that helps my skin stay clear and continue to look fresh and young. I use this twice a day with my facial brush and I’ll never switch back to those other big name brands!

-Ashley, WA

MY SON AND I BOTH USE HANA Organic face products and we are both very impressed with the gentleness yet effectiveness of the cleansers and moisturizers. My son suffers from common teenage acne and I have extremely sensitive skin and we are both happy with how our products work for us.

-Lee G. Whitefish, MT

I'M LOVING THE HANA Organic products which I have been using for the past two weeks. You're right about the Renew cream, a little goes a long way. And I love misting myself in the face with the toner. I'm enjoying it all!

-Pat B, Ohio