Gentle Cleanser Cleansing Set (w/ Renew)


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This complete set contains a Cleanser,Toner and Moisturizer for your daily routine. Retail Value: $116

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  • Gentle Cleanser (100 ml)- A very gentle liquid soap for virtually all skin types. The castile and rose hydrosol will cleanse and invigorate, while the jojoba oil soothes and moisturizes. The perfect face cleanser for those who prefer soap. 
  • Gentle Toner (100 ml)- Toning rehydrates your skin while balancing your skin's ph level. Best for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive, combination and environmentally damaged skin.
  • Renew (30 ml)- This is a very fragrant, nourishing and luxurious cream for mature, dry and combination skin. Used regularly, it may reduce the visible signs of aging.